In a succinct and insightful portrayal, Sam Obitz describes his journey from sufferings of anxiety and depression to his mastery over them. He describes his process of recovery through skills that he learned in cognitive behavioral therapy; a type of therapy that is considered to be a well researched and effective treatment for anxiety problems. Sam's description of empowering tools of change - of learning to look at things from an objective standpoint and realizing that even the worst can be managed - is an excellent summary of the essential elements to cognitive behavioral therapy, and his descriptions are particularly remarkable because they are from his own perspective - of what he learned and how he changed - which is very different from every other currently available text book description. Sam's story unravels the myth and mystery of therapy, especially as he gives his perspective of his therapists and the experience of having somebody else give him the encouragement and advice on how to overcome his own anxiety. This book will be a source of education and inspiration for the many who suffer from anxiety but do not believe that treatment would be effective for them.

Michelle G. Craske, Ph.D.
UCLA Director
UCLA Anxiety Disorders - Behavioral Research Program


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