What People Are Saying About the Book

read the book while flying to Los Angeles for a business trip. Two days later, I was in a car accident and remembered the tools. I began using the TEA-form on my negative thoughts and felt better almost immediately."   
J. King, Oregon
"Most patients I see with anxiety related problems just want medications that mask but do not cure their problems, but when I meet up with patients who truly want to solve their problem, I recommend this book."   
Dr. D. McDonald M.D.
"If this book was available during my 40-year tenure in the public school system, it would have enabled me to have many more successful outcomes. I'm thrilled that it is available today and certain that it will help many people  (and schools) save enormous amounts of wasted time and money in the coming years."    
J. Weir  Educator/School Psychologist

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