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You Can Change Your Future, But Not Your Past!

     Maximize your future by ridding yourself of the things from your past that are covertly keeping you at bay.

     Until you learn how to overcome all of the automatic thoughts from your past, none of the "How to get rich books" or "How to be happy books" in the world will be able to help you reach your goals.

     I was first told about the basis for the tools covered in this book shortly after I graduated from college, but I waited nearly 15 years to give them a try.  15 years that I will never get back, that would have been much more productive and enjoyable.  15 years of taking medicines with annoying side effects, that helped but did not CURE my problems.  PLEASE don't make the same mistake I did!

     It wasn't until I hit rock bottom that I tried these tools, out of sheer desperation.  Remarkably, I was feeling relief within a month and considered cured after just twelve weeks.

     Don't was another minute of your life being miserable - like I did - get on the road to getting your life back NOW!

     "I can't imagine anyone who would not benefit from the use of these simple tools." - Comedian George Wallace

     "Sam takes clinically proven techniques and makes them easily accessible to the millions of individuals who are suffering from anxiety and related problems." - Dr. John Piacentini, Ph.D. Director, UCLA Child Anxiety Disorder Program


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